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Woman picks up trash on lakeshore at a summer work camp

Boomer Memories: A Working Summer Camp

Unique Summer Camp Actually PAID Me To Go It was the first summer after my 9th grade year. I was in a new city, a new school, and hadn’t really developed any strong friendships at that point. I had doneContinue reading “Boomer Memories: A Working Summer Camp”

Man displays firearm in a concealed carry location on his hip

What Does The Concealed Carry ‘Lifestyle’ Really Mean?

Initially, I did not understand the term, Concealed Carry Lifestyle, often used and perpetuated by the USCCA.

Wrapped Gifts arranged on a table

Boomer Memories – The 3 Greatest Gifts I Have Ever Received

I have received a lot of great gifts in my lifetime, but there are three that standout and endure the test of time, and memory.

Hourglass sites next to bible, signifying the end times

We Are Living In The End Times – 2 Timothy 3

We know we are living in the last days, but how close are we to the End Times? Let’s see what the Word of God says.

Stage full of musical instruments awaits the appearance of the cover band

The Only Cover Band I Ever Liked – Boomer Memories

Cover bands are fun, usually inexpensive to see, and a great warm up for the main event. Only one really moved my needle however.

record player holding vinyl record from the best debut albums collection

Best Debut Albums – Boomer’s Favorites

Here’s Boomer’s list of best debut albums. They span decades and genres, and still move me to this day in one way or another.

City of Jerusalem with Jesus was crucified

The Upper Room Story – “I Carried Water For Jesus”

The story of the final Passover of Jesus as told by the man carrying the jug of water to the upper room in Jerusalem.

A row of new cars and suvs

Boomer Memories: 5 Car Tips I Gave My Kids

Here are 5 handy, basic car tips that are useful to pass along to the young people under your influence, regardless of what they drive.

Winter view of desert landscape in southern Israel

We Are All Israelites At Heart

We Are no better Than the Israelites of the Old Testament. We’re amazed at how little faith they seemed to have, but are we much different?

live rock concert with pyro technic engulfed stage during the recording of the best live albums

Best Live Albums – Boomer‘s Favorites

There are a lot of great live albums out there. Here are Boomer’s list of the best live albums, and why they are still loved 40 years later.

Woman working on laptop amazed at the stupidity of comments

Six Degrees of Flaming Stupidity

Read any comment section of a blog or video. Often in six degrees (comments) or less, the flame wars start as readers turn on each other.

Adult man and woman having fun riding bikes

5 Silly Things That Surprised Me Until I Got Older

Here are a few things that as a younger person, I just did think about or understand. When I got older, some of the had more clarity

Woman uses a contactless checkin terminal at airport

The Shift Towards A Contactless Society

Do we now live in a contactless society? For the most part, humans are no longer needed for shopping, banking, and some facets of travel.

Close up of air filter on a vehicle with car mods

Car Mods – Do You Leave Your Vehicle Bone Stock?

Do you have the willpower to leave your vehicle stock, or will you enhance it with aftermarket Car Mods, adding details the factory left off?

Member of the Apple Cult displays Macbook, iPhone, and Apple Watch

I’m A Baby Boomer and I’ve Joined the Apple Cult

I’m A Baby Boomer and I’ve Joined the Apple Cult because everything just works better. Resistance is futile. Join me fellow Boomers.

Classic cars on a diorama track similar to what the best youtube channel might use

The Best YouTube Channel For Baby Boomers

3DBotMaker has created the best YouTube channel for baby boomers. Boomer explains why every guy should be watching this channel.

Hockey stick with puck

The Greatest Hockey Call Isn’t What You Think It Is

The Miracle On Ice Is Hockey Legend, but the 2005 Marek Malik Game Winning Shootout Goal is the Greatest Hockey Call Ever

Folded hands and a bible signify prayer time

Fact: COVID Ruined My Daily Prayer Time

The recent COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc on this baby boomer’s morning prayer time and bible study. Now I’m trying to get it back.

Woman charges her electric cars

Electric Cars are Really Here

Electric cars are here. For baby boomers still on the fence about one of these, take one ride in a new Tesla and you’ll be changed forever.

a carnival ride, possibly the himalaya, spins quickly with riders

Boomer Memories: The Himalaya & REO Speedwagon

The Himalaya carnival ride represents one of the great baby boomer memories I’ll have as a kid. It was fast, fun, and went backwards!

pigs in a pen such as this may have been similar to what the prodigal son fed.

The Prodigal Son: Let’s Talk About The Brother

The Prodigal Son story reveals God’s heart, but the reaction and words of the brother reveals our own messed up thoughts and feelings.

A black lives matter flag flies in the wind

How A Man Named Willie Showed Me Black Lives Matter

Before the notion of Black Lives Matter, a young black man named Willie made a gesture to a young and impressionable white boy.

A prepper woman buys toilet paper

Prepper – How Much is Too Much, and is it Biblical?

How much preparation is too much? When do we go from prepared, to prepper, to unbiblical? What does the bible say about prepping?

Photo of 1950s family in living room enjoying the good old days

There Is No Such Thing As The Good Old Days

Spend anytime where baby boomers hang out, and you’re sure to hear a conversation about the “good old days”. Boomer says, they don’t exist.

Man seeking help and handout on street corner

Street Corner Handout – Yay or Nay?

Baby boomers have lived a good life. It’s OK to share our blessings with those looking for a handout, even on the street corner.

UFOs hovers over foggy field

Should Christians Believe In UFOs?

Are UFOs real, and should Christians believe that they exist? Is there life on other planets in God’s universe?

CNN breaking news alert

CNN – Network Seems Bent On Dividing The Country

CNN continues to push controversial and volatile agendas that seems to be an intentional bent to divide and destroy our country.

Gods creation of man out of dust

Why Did God Create Man?

If God foreknew in His omniscience that we were going to fail and screw up the world anyway, why did God create Man?

closeup of bible with highlighted verse

I’m I Bible Nerd And I NEVER Highlight Bible Verses

Here are 5 reasons that I found highlighting bible verses to be distracting and annoying. Everyone is different, so do what works for you.

Classic cars lined up at a car show

I’m A Baby Boomer And I Don’t Love Classic Cars Anymore

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m a baby boomer and I just don’t love classic cars anymore. I no longer dream of owning or restoring a classic.

man lifts hands in worship

Lifting Hands – Joyless, Bored, or Afraid?

I’ve seen worshipers of all ages lifting hands, and to me it’s one of the most natural and wonderful expressions of worship there is.

Glock handgun with spare magazine, bullets, and range bag.

A Gun vs God’s Sovereign Protection

If I truly believe in God’s sovereign protection and his lifelong plan for me, they why would I need a gun?

Barcode tatoo representing the mark of the beast

The Vaccine is Not the Mark of the Beast…Yet

Is the COVID vaccine the biblical mark of the beast? In a word…No, the vaccine is not the mark of the beast….YET.

Angels speak to shepards in the field on Christmas morning

How Linus Simultaneously Saved and Ruined Christmas

Did Linus’ Christmas speech in the Peanut’s classic ruin Christmas, or save it? Get our boomer thoughts on the subject here.

A fender bender with two cars and a man and a woman

Reconciling the Gospels – A Layman’s Parable

Non-believers and Christians alike may not understand why the gospels don’t match up word for word, or thought for thought. Here’s a parable.

Rocket headed to space lifts off launch pad amid fire and smoke

Space – Great Achievements, Wrong Goals

I’m a big fan of space travel and exploration, but are We Exploring Space for the Right Reasons? Lets find out on Boomer Opinions.

Jesus on the cross at sunrise

The Great Sacrifice: How God Revealed A Great Truth With A McFly Moment

It’s okay to ask God questions when you have doubts and are honestly looking to build your faith. Here’s how God spoke to me.

Bridge in California surrounded by fire

Is California Experiencing ‘Judgment’

The recent and frequent natural disasters California is experiencing may also be supernatural. Yes, supernatural…as in divine judgment.

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