Fact: COVID Ruined My Daily Prayer Time

Folded hands and a bible signify prayer time

I Haven’t Been Able To Get My Prayer Time Back On Schedule Since COVID Started

With the onset of COVID-19, two important elements of my faith, and thus my walk with Christ took a hit. These two changes affected both my morning prayer time, and my bible study.

First, my almost-daily commute was eliminated. Already a remote work company for most of the staff, it didn’t make sense to keep the office open for just a few of us. As awesome as it is now not to sit in traffic twice day, I lost significant bible study time. During my commute, I would usually have on a local bible study radio program. I really like bible exposition, and there are a lot of great bible teachers out there.

Even today, only the occasional errand or rare trip to the office give me a reason to hop in the car. I love the fact that I don’t waste over an hour a day just getting to the office and back, but I do miss that learning time. I should note that I do read my bible as well, daily in fact. My reading schedule is “… as regular as a German train schedule.” We’ll let you figure that one out on your own.

Crowded highway full of cars stuck in traffic.
I don’t miss this traffic, but I should miss my bible study time.

Loss Of Daily Prayer Time

A more difficult loss that has not yet been recovered or restored, is the loss of my morning prayer and devotional time with the Lord. Let me explain.

I am a very routine oriented person. Before COVID, I would wake up and spend perhaps 20-30 minutes in prayer. I would mix in a little bible study as well, and in general, just talk to God. This 20-30 minutes of morning prayer time was very important to me on so many levels. I felt close to God, and I felt obedient to Him.

I was at peace knowing that the decisions I would make that day were vetted in the Lord. After prayer and coffee, it was off to the gym for a good workout. Then it was home for a shower and a bite to eat before that 30-35 minute commute.

What Happened? How Did COVID Kill My Quiet Time?

The side bar to this story is my job. After nearly two decades at my previous employ, I took a chance on a career change the year before. Suddenly, the pandemic hit, and I wasn’t immune to the uncertainty that many felt, wondering if their careers were over. We made some quick changes, laid off a couple of part-time folks and closed the office. Then we prayed we could make it through the pandemic.

Within a few weeks, due to the nature of the industry I am in, we found ourselves very busy. Suddenly I was working 11-12 hour days. There was no commute, and the gyms were all closed. I not only had tons of work to accomplish, but there was a bit of FOMO too. I wanted to make sure I was available every minute of the day, should my employer need me. There was no way I wanted anyone to have a reason to put me on the chopping block.

This change in my routine…in my life, obliterated my morning prayer time, and I haven’t been able to get it back. I realize this is on me. A friend of mine is fond of saying;

“You can always find time for the things that are important “.

I not only subscribe to that logic, I often repeat it. Yet here I am, unable to wrest my prayer time from the clutches of the devil, which right now exists in the form of a busy schedule and changed life patterns.

Getting Back My Devotional Time

I honestly don’t know how I am going to transition from my current routine back to my old one. I want to…but the minute I wake up I’m distracted and obsessed with getting caught up on work.

One thing I’m trying to do is to listen to podcasts while I work out. I’m fascinated by what Chuck Missler is doing at 6640. This is a good start, but is not quite routine for me yet. After that it’s just discipline, which though it may not sound like, I have plenty of. I just have to break down and do it. Baby Steps.

I recognize the need for this daily time with God, and I know that led by His Spirit, he’ll bring me to the place I need to be to continue my daily time with Him. This blog has been a great outlet for me as well, causing me to think more on things of the Kingdom, which is a good start. Here’s praying that I’ll get there sooner, rather than later.

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