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The Opinions of a Baby Boomer on a Variety of Topics

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What Does The Concealed Carry ‘Lifestyle’ Really Mean?

Initially, I did not understand the term, Concealed Carry Lifestyle, often used and perpetuated by the USCCA.

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Boomer Memories – The 3 Greatest Gifts I Have Ever Received

I have received a lot of great gifts in my lifetime, but there are three that standout and endure the test of time, and memory.

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We Are Living In The End Times – 2 Timothy 3

We know we are living in the last days, but how close are we to the End Times? Let’s see what the Word of God says.

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Life & The World Today

Random thoughts on happenings in the current world we live in, from a baby boomer perspective.

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Plenty of faith stuff to talk about for sure. Much of the Boomer Opinions blog has faith content.

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Miscellaneous thoughts about darn near anything. The junk drawer for baby boomer content.

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Need an LOL, Don’t miss these Babylon Bee articles