CNN – Network Seems Bent On Dividing The Country

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Trump-obsessed CNN Pushes Division

CNN, while formally known as the Cable News Network, has seemingly become the Communist News Network. Or, if you prefer, the COVID, Catastrophe, or Careless News Network. CNN, who appeared to do everything in its power to make sure President Donald Trump wasn’t reelected, is still obsessed with him, running Trump-related stories almost daily. CNN also seems to continuously push controversial and volatile agendas that are pushing the country apart.

FOX News vs CNN – A Side-By-Side Comparison

In a rather non-scientific study, I observed CNN and FOX News every morning for several months. No, this wasn’t some new form of self torture, though it certainly felt like it. My local gym membership features a bank of TVs conveniently positioned up high where us treadmill addicts can see both channels.

I observed daily stories on CNN about Donald Trump, months after the election was over and he had lost. He should be out of the picture, right? Responsible news networks should be talking about Biden, Harris, and dozens of other important issues. Not the Cable News Network. It’s not uncommon for them to frequently run 15 minutes on a single Trump rant. Meanwhile, FOX has changed topics three times. Remember, Donald Trump is not our president any longer.

Ratings And Different Viewpoints – I Get It

I get the fact that CNN and FOX have different viewpoints. I don’t always agree with FOX’s viewpoints either, but certainly it is much less so. I also understand that these two networks, and every other, are competing for our attention and our dollars.

Still, it stuns me to see CNN giving air time to those that clearly have anti-American agendas. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they were owned by a communist regime or conglomerate…maybe they are. FOX isn’t perfect by any means either, but at least it feels like they are an American network.

I also think Trump threw his second term away with his uncontrollable Twitter habit. The worst thing that could happen for the GOP is to agree to back Trump again in 2024. Hopefully that won’t happen. Not that I don’t think Trump would do a good job, he would…but I think it would divide this country even further, perhaps permanently.

The COVID News Network

No one it seems, loves COVID more than the Cable News Network. If Trump bashing was their hobby, then pandemic news was their first love. This network appears to have served as the mouthpiece for all things COVID, promoting the restrictive lock downs and left-serving agendas that promoted fear in this county. By pushing this fear, they seemingly sought to create a rift between those that greatly feared the pandemic, and those that didn’t.

I actually think the vaccine is a good thing. No, it’s not the mark of the beast either…not yet. However, the pandemic should not have it’s own 24-hour news channel, which is what CNN felt like it had become. The problem when you do that is that you have to find plenty of filler content. That’s when responsible journalism gives way to fluff and makes your network appears to be one-side, and no longer objective.


While neither CNN or FOX are perfect, it does feel like one network tends to push content based on concerns and freedoms stated in our constitution, while the other focuses on the opposite. I’m not a political analyst, just a regular American…but when I do a gut check on content, the baby boomer in me rejects most of what CNN offers.

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