Why Did God Create Man?

Gods creation of man out of dust

If He Knew We Were Going To Fail Anyway, Why Bother?

One concept I struggled with for a long time was simply this; If God foreknew in His omniscience that we were going to fail and sin anyway, why bother creating us in the first place? Why go through the whole elaborate redemption process? Why not just create us perfect from the beginning? Why did God Create Man at all?

That right there my friends is a faith-challenging mouthful of “whys”, and isn’t for the faint of heart. While we may not know exactly what was going through the Trinity’s collective head(s), I think I have an idea why, at least insomuch as what I believe God has graciously shown me to help me over this particular faith wall.

God Created Man In His Own Image

God created man in his own image. I know, you are thinking…duh, I knew that much already. But I think we tend to forget how that works sometimes. We need to remember to see this in the opposite direction a bit. For those of you that had kids, why did you want children? Or if you are planning on having children, why do you want them? Why do you want kids, knowing that they will grow up to be teenagers that break your cars, bank accounts, and hearts? Knowing that in addition to giving you joy, they will fail, and do wrong, and hurt you?

It’s not simply because, “that’s what adults do”. No, deep down you have an innate desire to project your love in an unconditional fashion on another being. For some, a puppy is sufficient, but in general the human race has this desire to procreate and love their children. It’s not about “continuing the line” or preserving the family name. Sure, those are important, but it’s always about the desire to unconditionally love something with all your heart and to reciprocally feel that love back. To be willing to die, and kill, to protect that child.

Our Unconditional Love Mirrors God’s

That’s how God felt when He created man. How do we know this? Because we are made in His image. We feel this way, because He felt this way. For you married or otherwise in love folks, you are wondering if your spouse or significant other qualifies, I don’t think so. Sure you may love them dearly, but how unconditional is that love? How much molding and shaping in your own image are you going to do?

Couples get divorced all the time and what’s the one thing they fight over the most? The children. We tend to have an unconditional love towards our children. God feels the same way about us.

Hands shape clay to represent God creating man.

Did God Create Man Wrong?

If we accept that God created man for that reason above, then we need to figure out why Man version 1.0 was so unsuccessful. If we take at face value that God’s will is perfect and He doesn’t make mistakes, then we’re going to need another explanation on how we failed so badly, so quickly…and why He allowed it.

19 but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot. 20 He was foreknown before the foundation of the world but was made manifest in the last times for the sake of you 21 who through him are believers in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.

1 Peter 1:19-21

Scripture often indicates that God’s plan of salvation was always about sending Christ to redeem mankind. Certainly the parallels in the Old Testament support that. Buy why bother? What not just make us not to sin from the beginning?

Why didn’t God create man correctly the first time?

Free Will and Forced Love

While the concept of free will is much deeper than I am capable of fully understanding or explaining, here’s how the Holy Spirit, over time, “explained” this to me in a way that made sense. You step parents out there can relate to this easier than most I suspect.

Suppose you meet a nice girl or guy with a child from a previous marriage. We’ll say that child is between 6-12 years old. Ultimately, you want that child to love you, and be a part of your family, not just logistically but in spirit as well. Imagine now that you or your new flame insists in pressing the issue immediately by forcing the child to say “I love you”, much like you would remind a child to say thank you.

This poor child, who doesn’t know you from Adam (couldn’t resist) and knows what love is to some extent, is unwilling to robotically recite I love you. If they are forced to, it’s mechanical and not of their own free will. They won’t mean it…the words are empty. Nor is there any true joy in your own heart when they do say it.

God Created Man To Willingly Love Him

At some point in the above relationship, if it moves forward long enough…that child will choose to love you. While we are certainly not God’s step children, I think the analogy holds up in a sense that God wants you to willing choose to love Him and believe in Him, not come to him robotically with empty phrases. God created man because He wants you to choose Him, and surround himself with a creation that loves him.

Don’t we do the same thing? Why do we get together at Christmas? To get more gifts? No, because we want to surround ourselves with people that love us, and choose to love us. It’s in our nature. God created man in his image, and He allowed us to fail so we would choose a path back to Him.


Why did God create man? Because of a deep desire to fellowship with those He has created and pour love out on those that have chosen Him. Heaven will be populated with those same people that chose to believe in God and connect with His Spirit though faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, God knew what he as doing when He created man.

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