The Best YouTube Channel For Baby Boomers

Classic cars on a diorama track similar to what the best youtube channel might use

3DBotMaker Checks All the Boxes for Baby Boomer Guys

Those of us on the younger end of the baby boomer scale are an interesting breed. We’re old enough to have dabbled in Hot Wheels cars, slot car tracks, and model railroads, yet still young enough to have spent significant time with their modern digital equivalents. Games like Need for Speed and Forza took us to a place those die cast racing cars never could. If you are looking to relive some of those simpler die cast memories in a fascinating and slightly humorous way, 3DBotMaker has created the best YouTube channel for baby boomers.

What Is 3DBotMaker?

I discovered 3DBotMaker shortly after being exiled to the house to work at home when COVID hit. Despite the title, there isn’t really anything “robotic” about the channel. It is “3D” in the sense that the racing diorama is physically real. The primary host identifies himself as 3D, while his cohost is similarly pseudo-named, 2D.

The premise is simple; diecast cars (think Hot Wheels/Matchbox) race down a gravity fed track, creatively narrated by the duo of 3D and 2D. Races are in tournament fashion, giving every car a chance at the various lane positions.

Why Is It The Best YouTube Channel for Baby Boomers

There are several factors that make 3DBotMaker the best YouTube channel for Baby Boomers, especially for you boomer guys out there.

Scenery & Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the detailed dioramas that 3D creates are stunning. These detailed race environments are what every boomer dreamed about creating as kids. You won’t find any garish orange track here.

Scenery is thematically correct and always to scale. 3D makes great use of people figurines and does plenty of customization, not only to the scenery but to the cars as well. The wonderful nuance and detail in the track scenery is everything we boomers aspired to do but never had the time, money, and a place to do it.


The actual racing is just as fun as when we were kids, perhaps even more so. My die cast racing days never included a permanent track with room for multiple cars, and those stunning dioramas. Based on just those factors, 3DBotMaker is a candidate for the best YouTube channel for Baby Boomers. But wait, there’s more!


Without question, it’s the commentary that takes this channel from “that was fun” to “best YouTube channel for baby boomers”. The commentary is lifelike, humorous, and clever. Without the commentary, one Hot Wheels car going around another is just that. With the clever dialogue added however, that same racing pass turns into, “Connor Lyons with the outside pass for the win!”

3D and 2D add personality and realism to inanimate die cast race car drivers, describing moves and strategies in the same way you might narrate a NASCAR race. It’s undeniably clever and at times, quite humorous.


When two grown men narrate a race between Matchbox cars, you can expect some humor to be involved. Whether it’s the oft repeated and revered utterance of “Race in peace McClyde“, or their handling of their Ridge Wallet sponsorship, these guys are just damn funny. You’ll find that the latest 3DBotMaker video is often the highlight of your day, perhaps your whole week.

Humor aside, one thing these guys take seriously is their craft. We’ve already applauded the set design, but the other facets of the channel are handled with equal dedication and professionalism. Video quality, audio quality, dialogue, sponsorships…these guys aren’t mailing it in. They work hard….and it’s paid off. 3DBotMaker is, at the time of this writing, sitting at almost 650,000 subscribers, attesting to the fact that it really is the best YouTube channel for baby boomers.


With no skin in the game here, 3DBotMaker is just one of those channels I am compelled to tell folks about. Their growth has been staggering, and videos are must see, every time. 3DBotMaker is my vote for the best YouTube channel for baby boomers.

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