I’m A Baby Boomer and I’ve Joined the Apple Cult

Member of the Apple Cult displays Macbook, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Resistance to the Apple Cult is Futile

It’s taken me awhile, but in the last year I have become a fully vested member of the Apple Cult, and now I finally get it. I now understand that the allure of the white box and precision packaging that fueled the unboxing trend is simply icing on the cake for a user experience that is second to none.

I Just Didn’t Understand The Allure

Hearkening back to my days as a I.T. professional in a Windows environment, the Apple/Mac realm made no sense. Why would you choose a platform that was twice as expensive and had, at that time, only 5% of the market?

Even with the onset of the iPhone, there was no reason to adopt an expensive MacBook when Windows did everything I needed, and it was easy to get under the hood via the command line and perpetuate my aging DOS skills if needed. There just wasn’t enough there to lure this Windows, sometimes-blue-screen fanboy into the Apple Cult.

The Apple Cult Grows – iPad

If the MacBook was the old testament of the Apple Cult, the iPhone is the gospels. When the iPad came along, the Apple new testament was nearly complete. Now you could handle almost any task with mobile synchronicity, all stored neatly in the Apple iCloud.

As the iPhone took over the mobile phone market, the demand to have a similar experience on a tablet and PC grew with it. The iPad was instrumental in that growth. This isn’t a history lesson on the Apple Cult however, but rather why suddenly after 30 years as a Windoze fan I jumped high and hard into the Apple Kool-Aid.

The Promised Land

I had owned an iPhone for years, and it was “fine”. It certainly wasn’t enough to cause me to change the primary OS for my PC. I’d even dabbled in iPads and thought, well….this is neat. Having wandered the Windows wilderness for 40 years, I wasn’t ready to start confessing at the altar of Steve Jobs just yet.

The shift in my attitude began when I adopted a MacBook Pro for my daily work, the result of job change. With my I.T. skills no longer needed, I began my new user experience with the MacBook. It was rather eye opening too. Easy to use, great battery life, wonderful screen, and plenty fast. The native interaction with my iPhone was pretty cool too, as was the ease of app installs and uninstalls.

I was really surprised to learn that the Apple Cult folks were right…it really is a terrific user experience. I wasn’t quite ready for my baptism into the Apple Cult, but I was close.

Revelation – Apple Watch and AirPods

For me, the shining light…the revelation if you will, was owning my first Apple Watch and Apple AirPods. I obtained these two blessings within a month of each other and at one point, I simply realized;

Holy Crap, this stuff is amazing, and it all just works!


I love my Apple Watch Series 7, and my AirPods Pro. At the altar of extinct technologies lie a drawer-full of old wristwatches and random Bluetooth earphones. If you haven’t tried either of these devices, they are really cool.


Both of these products are simply stunning in their implementation, and the reason that I now get it. With Apple, it’s all about the little things, the thoughtful things that no one else thinks about that make them amazing. Apple has done amazing things with their products. I understand the attraction, and have now joined the Apple Cult. I won’t exposit in depth what a technological marvel these two items are and how they work, there are plenty of other resources out there for that.

Suffice to say that I think they are well worth the cost (I’m still on the fence about AppleCare+ however). I now have up-to-date versions of the MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad Mini, Apple Watch, and Apple AirPods. I am a fully sanctioned member of the Apple Cult with full rank and privileges. Services are daily from 9 to 5.

Authors note: The Apple Cult is a symbolic & metaphorical membership, and in no way replaces my actual allegiance to the one true Creator and Lord, Jesus Christ.

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